Anomalous dynamics of complex physical and biological systems - stochastic modeling and statistical identification

Grant no.: NCN 2012/06/A/ST1/00258
Funding agency:
National Science Centre (NCN), Poland
Funding scheme: Maestro
Funding period: 18.04.2013-17.04.2018 (5 years)
1 759 000 PLN
Title in Polish: Anomalna dynamika złożonych systemów fizycznych i biologicznych - modelowanie stochastyczne i statystyczna identyfikacja

Research team
Principal Investigator (Kierownik)
  • Aleksander Weron - leader and coordinator of the project
Senior Investigators (Główni wykonawcy)
  • Marcin Magdziarz
  • Andrzej Fuliński
  • Krzysztof Burnecki
Investigators (Wykonawcy)
  • Janusz Gajda
  • Tomasz Żórawik
  • Grzegorz Sikora
  • Marek Teuerle
  • Jakub Ślęzak
  • Agnieszka Wyłomańska
  • Michał Balcerek
  • Hanna Loch-Olszewska
  • Karol Niczyj
  • Janusz Szwabiński
Collaborators (Współpracownicy)
  • Davide Calebiro
  • Yuval Garini
  • Denis Grebenkov
  • Eldad Kepten
  • Diego Krapf
  • Carlo Manzo
  • Aleksander A. Stanislavski
  • Titivat Sungkaworn
There is no applied mathematics in form of a ready doctrine.
It originates in the contact of mathematical thought with
the surrounding world, but only when mathematical
spirit and the matter are in a flexible state.

Hugo Steinhaus (1987-1972)

Aims and scope

The main goal of this research project is the analysis of anomalous diffusion processes. We plan to build a rigorous mathematical theory of fractional dynamics observed in molecular biology of complex systems and to propose effective statistical algorithms for the analysis of experimental data in nanoscale. The project consists of three parts. The first two parts have theoretical character, the third one is devoted to the statistical analysis of experimental data. The obtained results shall be published in respected scientific journals from ISI Master Journal List and will be presented on the international scientific conferences.

  • Analysis of Levy walks and correlated continuous-time random walks
  • FARIMA (ARFIMA) time series in the modeling of anomalous diffusion processes
  • Single particle tracking experiments - statistical identification of anomalous diffusion complex systems and their properties.

Peer-reviewed articles in JCR-listed journals

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  • 2018
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  • 2017
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Developed software components
Calibration surfaces
P-variation testing